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Capacity Building

Training entitled “Life skills”

Training entitled “Life skills” This training was funded by the USAID with the corporation with Sharek Youth Forum (Sharek) that aims to develop the communication skills of the trainees to increase job opportunities for youth. And they were also trained on how to write curriculum vitae and on other skills to strengthen their employment opportunities. They increased and strengthened their ...

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A training program entitled “the emotional discharge for rehabilitation Girl Guides”

A training program entitled "the emotional discharge for rehabilitation GirlGuides"   The programisfundedfromtheUnionofHealthWorkCommitteesincluding theframe- workforcooperationandcoordinationbetweenRolesForSocialChangeAssociation and theUnion ofHealth Work Committees, "Rehabilitation programbased on thecom- munity",   Itwasagreedtoholdtrainingforoneday anddealtwithoneofseveralaxes,andby (6) hoursoftraining,where thesessionhastargetedrehabilitationGirlGuides,andthetarget grouphavebeencollectedincollaborationwiththe  "CBR" by funding,support,andco- operation ofhealth work.   Theprogramoftrainingincapacity-building hasadoptedthe"participatory approach" to specializedtrainingandcomprehensivetechnical   andpracticalskills,andtheoretical experience of the conceptsandprinciplesof psychologicaldischargeatdifferentaxesin theself,anditwasdealing withtheteamofrehabilitationGirlGuidesintheformofa workinggroup,wherefocusingeffortwastogivethemasmuchaspossibleof the knowledgeand trends within the circumstances ofthe ...

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Training Course entitled “Adolescents Health”

Training Courseentitled “Adolescents Health” Thistrainingwascarriedwiththecorporationofthepsycho–socialunion,anditaimed toincrease the knowledgeandskillsofgraduatesfromthe departmentofHumanscience onhowtodealwithteenagersandtoprovideadviceforparentsontherightsandneeds oftheiradolescents.25traineesdidbenefitfromthistraining course(20females,5 males).Theresultofthetrainingcoursewasthatthetraineesaskedformorecourses about this subject and other advanced coursesabout Reproductive healthand gender.

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Capacity Building Program for Volunteers from ADWAR Association

CapacityBuilding Program for Volunteers from ADWAR    Association The  program  aims  to  educate,  qualify  and  improve  volunteer’s  skills  in  the  field of genderin general, including the topics ,violenc eagainst women and the importance  of   voluntary   work   in   association.   Six   workshops   already   implemented  with  200     participants,     150     females     and     50     males.     The     result     was     that theworkshopparticipantsexpressed their needstoprovide specializedcoursesinthose subjects

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