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Project Right to Live

General Framework Implemented in partnership with the Ministry of Higher Education ,funded by UNDP.   Period of Time  9/2012 –2/2013    Objectives – Empower students from both sex of the concept of right to live and transferring knowledge and attitudes to other groups of students. – Educating students from both sex in general about the right to live for women as human right and reduction of honor killings.   Target Group The project targeted Boys and Girls students in secondary schools ...

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Project Mobile social and cultural center

General Framework Implemented in partnership with Nomada ,funded by Polish Aid.   Period of Time  7/2012- 2/2013   Objectives – Enhancing self-confidence, character building and team work. – Raising awareness about equal rights and duties. – Enhance the social participation of women in order to present their needs based on gender perspective.  Target Group The project targeted women and men in the classified areas C which are Massafir, Yatta, Al-Mofkra, Susiya, and Twaneh, in south of ...

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Campaign to break the silent and fear barrier, and demand for woman’s right in inheritance

General Framework Implemented in partnership with Young Men’s Christian Association “YMCA”, within their project in woman’s right in inheritance, funded by EU.    Period of Time 6/2012 – 12/2012    Objectives –  Educating women, and change their attitude towards claiming their inheritance rights. – Change the typical perception in the patriarchal society, towards claiming in inheritance, and emphasizing on the legitimacy and legality of the women’s right in inheritance, in addition to the importance ...

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Initiative this country is mine and yours” to empower both of young women and men in community participation

General Framework Implemented in partnership with woman culture center, Beit Ommar youth club, Nibras generation Youth Partnership Association and Bible Association within their project “interacting societies” .   Period of Time 1/2012 – 8/2012   Objectives – Activating the role of young women and men in community participation, to benefit their society. – Highlighting the sensitive social issues according to gender and development, based on the needs and problems of youth. – Knowing the basic ...

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