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Project: ADWAR Association Blog for gender issue awareness.

ADWAR Association Blog for gender issue awareness.


General framework:


ADWAR Associationin partnership withAlhorreyaNews Agencyis implementing a project entitled: (ADWAR Association Blog for gender issue awareness) which is funded by the France Consulate. Theproject targeting 18 young women and men to improve their skills in presenting gender issue through blog, and we will take our reasonability to distribute our roles and duties, looking forward to achieve the training program objectives and results.In the end, the activity will work on providing qualified traineesin blog and gender issue to Palestinian media channels in Hebron governorate; and will contribute to change the stereotype of the roles of women, and advocating women’s issues and stand at their sides to raise conscious issues of gender.In addition to creating job opportunities, reducing the unemployment for marginalized young women.



  1. To improve knowledge and skills for 18 young women and men in preparing news,articles and reporting about gender issue and publish it through blog.
  2. To change the Palestine community culture about the tradition stereotype for women roles.
  3. To create job opportunities for young women in the media channels.

Activity Target Group:

graduated young people, 14W/4M, from different specialties, living in Hebron governorate and far marginalized areas (villages and Bedouin communities) which are located in Yatta and Hebron governorate.


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