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Field visit for Wataneyon Initiative in Zeef Village

Sunday 5/3/2017, Zeef / Yatta, south of Hebron

On International Women’s day, Wataneyon to end the split and restore unity coordinator in Hebron governorate Mrs. Sahar AlKawasmeh had implemented a field visit at Zeef village/Yatta. In which the visit aimed at introducing the initiative’s objectives and assemble more supporters to the initiative, in order to participate in activities and sign the petition to end the split, which has negative effects on Palestinian family, women, youth, and children.

On the same issue, women spoke about the dangerous effects of the Palestinian split on which had been reflected on social, political, economic, psychological and legal fields on general and on women specifically. The split had affected Palestinian women, families, and society, in which women claimed officials in decision-making positions with several issues, the most highlighted one was ending the split and restore unity. In addition, to work towards decreasing the negative effects of the split, as an entrance to solving their problems in which threaten their future.

The most prominent issue is inequality in job opportunities, scholarships, and discrimination in health care services. Women also claimed for elections to be set for a date including Gaza and West Bank, which will decrease the negative effects of the split.


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