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The Introductory Workshop entitled “CNC Computerized Numeric Control Skills”

Sunday, 9/7/2017, at Halhoul women Club in Hebron

Role for Social Change Association-ADWAR in partnership with the Ministry of Labor’s Multipurpose Vocational Training Center in Halhoul implemented an introductory workshop entitled “CNC Computerized Numeric Control Skills”, which is funded by the Belgian Development Agency. In the presence of many young women whom willing to participate in the program and other women In general.

The workshop aimed at introducing women, young women and the community in general to the objectives of the training program and encouraging young women to participate in order to develop their skills and contribute to job creation.

The General Director of ADWAR Sahar Yousef Al-Kawasmeh introduced the workshop, where she presented the objectives of the training program. She explained the type of partnership with the vocational training center and stressed that this program helps to enhance the participation of young women in non-traditional professions.


Mr. Imad Salim the vocational training center director referred to the various professional programs that contribute to the development of young women capabilities specifically, and stressed the importance of their participation to break the barrier between the Center and women. As he also marked that the training program will begin based on the time and need of trainees.

Mrs.Yusra Shaheen the Women club representative stressed their keenness to cooperate in order to contribute to creating job opportunities for young women and reducing poverty and unemployment.

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