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 Course of Action:


ADWAR has worked on a range of activities with the target groups. A number of needs have been addressed through which ADWAR has developed its work and its main course (Gender and Development). The Association decided to work within three main programs that contribute to redeem gender gaps. Programs are (Social, economic and political), where each program contains specific strategies, stemming from the belief of the institution that changing the reality of Palestinian women and girls for the best is done only through working on more than one program and strategy.

ADWAR implements many projects and activities that fall under the three programs and contribute to meeting the practical and strategic gender needs of the Palestinian society. We would like to point out that the concept of gender is practiced through the Palestinian cultural context and the institution’s references based on the Palestinian laws and ratified international agreements by the Palestinian state and the declaration of independent.

Conceptual framework:

The conceptual framework used as a reference framework, not only at the political level to manage the development of the Association, but also for the strategies, action plans and Association speech.

Gender concept used as a reference to ADWAR Association: which refers to the process of studying the interactive relation between a man and a woman, which called “Gender Relation”. That determined by different economic, social, educational, political and environmental factors by influencing the value of reproductive, productive and organizational development performed by men and women. What usually prevails in the relationship is imbalance on the expense of women concerning power distribution, giving dominance for man over woman, whom get a secondary position in society. However, this position differs among societies according to social, political, economic, and cultural situations.

The concept of Gender gives us the opportunity to analyze the factors that leads to inequality among sexes. In addition, to develop methods in which we must follow to maintain justice and equality. Furthermore, the views, and strategies to merge women in development.

Therefore, the general assembly of young women and men of ADWAR Association decided to concentrate on three programs: Social, Economic and Political. The purpose of the programs is to empower women and upgrade their positions based on equality with men to ensure their involvement in developing projects, by taking advantage of the available resources to live in welfare as well as self-independence.

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