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Gender and Development Approach:

Roles for Social Change Association (ADWAR)has implemented many activities which helped developing its general course of action and main approach(Gender and Development).
ADWAR Association has decided to work through three main programs which aims to reduce social, economic and political Gender gaps, fulfilling several projects and activities which meet practical and strategic gender needs of the Palestinian society.
We want to point out that ADWAR’s projects are based on a Palestinian need, and the gender concept is practiced in a Palestinian cultural context. The associations’ references are Palestinian laws and international conventions ratified by the Palestinian National Authority and the declaration of independence which states that Palestine is for all Palestinians (Men and Women) wherever they are, developing their national and cultural identity, have full equalized rights, and maintained religious beliefs, political and human dignity. furthermore, under a parliamentary democratic system based on freedom of opinion, freedom of Parties establishment, respect of minorities by majorities, social justice and equality, and non-discrimination in general rights based on race, religion, color or gender. Within a constitution that ensures the rule of law as well as an independent judiciary based on complete loyalty for Palestine’s spiritual and civilized heritage in tolerance and coexistence between religions across centuries.

To eliminate any misconception in the practiced concept of the Association, a clear description of such concept must be provided:

The conceptual framework of ADWAR Association:
The conceptual framework is designed and used as a reference framework, not only at the political level to manage the development of the Association, but also for the strategies, action plans and Association speech.
Gender : various developments and appropriate behaviors already determined by the society for man and woman in the light of social legacies and cultural structure includes a set of customs, traditions and prevailing values in the society in a certain period of time. Moreover, to study their interrelations; which are usually exploitative of women in terms of power distribution, as a result men gains dominance over women, whereas women take a secondary position in society.
This concept is not specific for men and women only, but also exceeds to affect marginalized and powerful categories with the aim of subjugation and control. It also includes methods to identify their characteristics, behaviors and identities through social coexistence. Moreover, Gender is generally related to inequality in power distribution, and the exploitation of choices as well as resources. However, different job positions for marginalized categories such as women, children, deprived men and people with special needs are affected. The possibility for such relations and responsibilities are open to change, and with time, will change.

Gender concept is widely used in social science.
It is the process of ‘studying the interactive relation between man and woman’ which is called “Gender Relation”. Gender Relations is determined by different economical, social, educational, political and environmental factors by influencing the value of reproductive, productive and organizational effort performed by men and women.
What usually prevails in the relationship is imbalance at the expense of women concerning power distribution, giving the man dominance over woman, who get a secondary position in society. However, this position differs among societies according to social, political, economical, and cultural situations.
The concept of “Gender” gives us the opportunity to analyze the factors that leads to inequality among sexes. Also, to develop methods in which we must follow to maintain justice and equality. Furthermore, what are the views, and methods to merge women in development?
Therefore, the General Assembly from young men and women of ADWAR Association decided to concentrate on working at three programs: Social, Economical and Political. The purpose of the program’s is to empower women and upgrade their positions based on Equality with men to ensure their involvement in developing projects, by taking advantage of the available resources to Live in welfare as well as self independence.

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