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Political Program

The political participation of Palestinian women and young women is an important element in building the country and in developing good governance mechanisms for Palestinian institutions. Thus, ADWAR Association works to promote the participation of Palestinian women in the formal and informal sectors through working in partnership with civil and private organizations, especially Palestinian women’s organizations, national committees, coalitions and forums. This program, in view of its great importance, is looking forward to implement strategies that will also contribute to the development of the social and economic conditions of Palestinian women and girls, as it include many issues which are represented in the following axes: –

  • Discrimination against Palestinian women and girls in laws and legislation: Palestinian women and girls suffer from a limited awareness of national political issues, especially in the Palestinian conflict, Palestinian and international laws and political and electoral programs. Which has negatively affected the level of participation of Palestinian women and girls in political life and democracy. In addition, the cultural level of the society and institutions still does not believe in the capabilities of women in occupying decision-making positions and stresses the importance of practicing traditional roles. Women also suffer from lack of ownership for the tools and mechanisms of lobbying the Palestinian state institutions to demand the enactment and amendment of fair laws for women and young women that achieve social justice.
  • Women and girls in conflict areas, civil peace and intellectual extremism: Palestinian women and girls suffer from the effects of the internal violence due to the strict customs and traditions and the domination of the division and external extremism that the occupation derives from. Because the lives of women, are not safe, especially in Area C, where their families are being expulsed and displaced by the occupation, as well as the seizure of houses. The daily lives of women and girls include the denial of their basic rights, where they face violence, destruction, harassment, separation, isolation and fragmentation of their placements.
  • Insensitive Media towards Gender Issues: The Palestinian media in addressing the issues of Palestinian women and girls does not reflect the size of their social, economic and political struggle and their role as a human right. The media in general and local radios and television in particular have a large percentage of listeners and viewers, as it’s’ the cornerstone of building society and its development. Therefore, they have a large part of the social responsibility in lobbying and influencing decision makers to enact laws and legislation that contribute to protecting the rights of Palestinian women and girls and raise public awareness in order to hold decision makers to their responsibilities in changing women’s reality for better.


Model strategies and practical measures proposed to deal with political issues in the political program:

  • The First Strategy- Lobbying and Advocacy: ADWAR Association take many procedural measures through working in two important areas: First: to educate and rehabilitate Palestinian women and girls about the importance of formal political participation and their adoption of political decision-making positions. That is through the implementation of many exercises and various activities that contribute to raising the managerial and leading capacities of women, regarding management in decision-making, planning and implementation at the level of Palestinian state institutions, legislation and local bodies in general. Second: to influence the policies and procedures of government in protecting the rights of Palestinian women and girls in general. In which aims to ensure the protection of the rights of women and girls in all areas through mobilization, pressure, campaigns, local, Arab and international coalitions. Also, to create a state of societal polarization to support the issues of Palestinian women by forming a new leadership model of women and girls whom capable of leading and defending institutions and recruiting supporters for women’s rights and their role in political life and their issues regarding compliance with the international laws ratified by the Palestinian government. This strategy achieves its objectives through advocacy campaigns.


  • The Second Strategy- Media from gender perspective: ADWAR take many practical measures to activate the role of the media in all audible, readable and visual means of mass communication. In order to work to protect the rights of Palestinian women and girls as a human right. While raising the awareness of the Palestinian society about the nontraditional roles of women and paying attention to the quality of the radio content provided in relation to content, and sustainability of presentation through media. Content that is related to women’s social, economic, health and educational development goals, as well as organizing programs and continuing to move away from occasional events, and include the issues of women and girls, especially in the area of ​​media programs. Where this contributes to changing the culture of men about the importance of respecting the rights and needs of women and girls, as well as encouraging women to highlight their issues and talents. In addition to enhancing and activating the role of media institutions in lobbying and influencing decision-makers and holding them accountable about their obligations to work hard to protect the rights of women and girls, especially marginalized women, adopting and implementing fair laws between men and women. This strategy will be achieved through implementing different activities within partnership agreements.
  • The Third Strategy – Activating UN Resolution 1325: ADWAR Association is taking several procedural measures related to the Palestinian women and girls’ situation in the Palestinian conflict with the occupation. On the basis of accountability and compliance with international humanitarian law and human rights law through the use of UN Resolution 1325 as an advocacy tool, in order to ensure the protection, security and participation of Palestinian women in resolving the conflict internally and externally. With broader participation in conflict resolution, in negotiating committees, in the committees of public freedoms, social reconciliation and harmonization of legislation to ensure the protection of women rights. That is to be obtained with the existence of active legislative council by new transparence elections, and accountability of occupation. Furthermore, accountability of the international community to take other measures in the accountability of the occupation, as a tool of accountability, and to invest the CEDAW agreement, whether by the government or the components of the local community. Concerning violations of the occupation against Palestinian women, in addition to the need to document the experience of women in the negotiations. Where the strategy achieves its objectives through the adoption of accountability activities, documentation and reports formation of women’s protection committees, especially in areas classified as C.



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