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The participation of the Palestinian women in politics is an important element in building the homeland in addition to developing mechanisms for an excellent governance of institutions, therefore ADWAR Association making efforts promoting the participation of women in both the formal sector as well as the informal through working in partnership with the civil and human rights institutions, especially women’s institutions and forums, national committees and Palestinian coalitions , thus will work to empower Palestinian women politically and gives women political roles reaching the highest level of leadership in the State. and the need for the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, where Palestinian women considered for most of the people in the Arab world as the iron woman who is still struggling and steadfast, biding spite of the suffering and pressures because of the political conditions along with the control of customs and traditions on the traditional image of women in Palestine, which limit the proportion of opportunities available to support moreover to be developed in many areas of political, civil and democracy.

This is represented in the following:

1) Lack of awareness among Palestinian women in national and political issues, especially in the area of the Palestinian conflict furthermore about Palestinian and international law as well as political and electoral programs.

2) Decline in amount of participation of the Palestinian women, especially women from Hebron city in civilian and democratic life.

3) The absence of advocacy and pressure mechanisms on the national authority to enact and amend fair Laws for women.

The strategies proposed in dealing with the issues of the political programs:

1. To train and enhance the managerial and leading capabilities of women in decision-making, planning and implementation, throughout effective workshops.
2. Strengthen the participation of women in the political life as well as supporting women to reach the highest decision-making positions in authority, legislation and local bodies in general.
3. Changing the society’s culture towards the role of women as an active member in participating equally beside men in the political role, as well as seeking for development, through workshops, conferences and media outreach seminars.
4. Influencing and changing the policies and laws regarding securing women’s rights in all fields through pressing crowds, campaigns, local and international coalitions.
5.To form a social polarization to support Palestinian women’s issues along with building a new leading model of women which is capable of leading and defending its institutions as well as recruiting supporters and advocates to women’s issues and their role in public life.
6. Organizing events for women’s organizations to enhance their impact on the public opinion along with issuing bulletins and arranging meetings with the public and with the media as well as organizing bazaars and festivals.

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