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About the Association


Roles for Social Change Association (ADWAR) RSCA is a nonprofit as well as nongovernmental Palestinian organization. It was established in early 2010, by a group of students from different universities in Hebron district. In which they volunteered and worked effectively believing that reaching social justice goes through gender approach.
Gender approach will reduce the gaps between men and women in different scopes, also, enhancing women’s participation and empowerment through the realization of their social, economical and political rights, by using an effective mechanisms in partnership with all governmental, nongovernmental, women and international organizations, also, with academic Palestinian Universities.
ADWAR Association registered with the ministry of Interior in 13/12/2010; our scope of area is in all the Palestinian governorates. Hebron governorate been chosen to be a central scope of action, since Hebron suffers from the lack of specialized, active and effective organizations for gender which integrates in their work with civil institutions including women’s organizations.

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