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About the Volunteerism Program

The volunteer work has represented, through both its social and human methodologies, a civilized approach for the progress of societies and civilizations for ages. It is a symbol of collaboration among different individuals (females and males) towards serving and developing their society. The volunteer work expresses not only the importance to affiliate to one society, but also shows their efforts to develop their society side by side and hand in hand with different formal and informal organizations in the society. The volunteer work has a great impact and positive change to citizens’ lives and different social organizations on all social, economic and developmental levels. The volunteer work practically embodies both team and social works needed to face difficulties and solve the problems – that is challenging to the society in the way towards its development – and may also help meet the citizens interests and serve their needs.
The Classification of Volunteers (Females And Males):

A: Primary Volunteer
B: Secondary Volunteer
C: Supporters
Volunteering Scopes:

1) Administrative Work
2) Implementation of activities
3) Field Work
4) Participating in the preparation, implementation and evaluation of ADWAR’s Programs
Volunteers Duties:

1) Commitment to the instructions and regulations implanted in ADWAR Association
2) Maintain the work’s confidentiality and professionalism of the Association
3) Maintain the reputation of ADWAR Association and being committed to the high morals and showing respect to others
4) Doing all tasks given by the general manager including: administrative work or other urgent tasks
5) Working towards achieving progress to the association in all aspects.
6) Commitment to work as a volunteer for three months or as agreed upon with the administrative officer at ADWAR.
Volunteers Rights:

1) A volunteer is given “Experience Certificate” at the end of her/his volunteering period
2) A volunteer has the right to ask for a recommendation letter.
Criteria for Volunteers Selection:

1) Belief in mission, vision, and objectives of ADWAR Association
2) Ability and willingness to develop and has readiness to innovate new ideas
3) In case the volunteer’s absence exceeds one month, she/he will be expelled and lose her/his right to have any experience certificate or recommendation letter

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