Dear All
Our covenant regarding your support both of women and girls, and we are in ADWAR Association, give you a unique opportunity to be an assistant for women & girls. Specially for priority groups, where they suffer from a lack of resources, opportunities, limited income, and lack of access to social justice and equality between sex.
We are Palestinian community association works to change gender awareness in the Palestinian reality by empowering women and girls in the social, economic and political fields.
ADWAR Association implement a set of activities with target groups, where many needs for women, have been met by ADWAR Association.
We improved our platform on gender and development in addition to humanitarian action in priority communities, where the association decided to work within three programs contribute to fill the gender gaps, which are social, economic and political, as each program contains specific strategies, stemmed from the association’s belief that changing the reality of Palestinian women and girls for the better can only be done through working on more than one program and strategy.
In order to open life opportunities and help them ascend stairs first, don’t be hesitated to provide them with assistance, in order to create a better reality and protect their rights based on social justice and equality.

Roles for Social Change Association-ADWAR -Hebron-Palestine
For Donation by Bank’s Accounts: 
National Bank
Euro bank account: 1003021986
IBAN – PS26TNBC000000000001003021986                     
NIS bank account: 1001106895
IBAN – PS81TNBC000000000001001106895                         
Dollar bank account: 1001106887
IBAN – PS06TNBC000000000001001106887