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Major General Al-Helo met Dr. Sahar Alkawasmeh

Jericho / Public Relations and Media
The Head of the Military Training Authority for the Security Forces, Major General / Yousef Al-Helo, met yesterday, Wednesday, 11/4/2020, the expert in gender and development, and the General Director of ADWAR Association Dr.Sahar Alkawasmeh This meeting was at the Central Training Institute – Jericho.
At the beginning of the visit, Major General welcomed Dr. Alkawasmeh to the Training Institute. The visit aimed to shed light on the social and political situation of Palestinian women, in addition to getting acquainted with the functioning of the institute and the courses that take place in it and the most important achievements of the commission in various fields, the most important of which is communication with local community institutions and segments The Palestinian people, and in the same context, affirmed that the Palestinian woman is a basic and effective partner in all institutions, especially the security establishment, and said the role of women is no less than that of men in institutional work and the march of struggle and sacrifice, and praised the efforts made by ADWAR in order to support women and strengthen their steadfastness.
At the end of the visit, Dr. Alkawasmeh thanked the Major General, expressing her pride and happiness in visiting the authority and ADWAR’s keenness to consolidate its relationship and build a real partnership with the Military Training Authority.

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