Project We Men Are Your Allies 2

Project We Men Are Your Allies 2

General Framework
The project is implemented by Roles for Social Change Association – ADWAR in partnership with Palestinian Family Planning and Protection Association PFPPA funded by HAYA Joint Programme: Eliminating Violence Against Women, implemented by UN Women, UNFPA.

Period of Time
2022/12 – 2022/4

Project Objectives
– Developing the knowledge and skill of the Men’s Coalition members to advocate and protect women from Gender- Based Violence, on general violence issues, equal rights, advocacy mechanisms and accountability, to advocate the  battered women rights and reduce violence.
– Raising awareness among the Palestinian society about the suffering of women from violence in all its forms,     highlighting the negative effects of it on the family and society and how to confront it.
– Lobbying and influence decision-makers in the Palestinian government to adopt policies, procedures and   programs that contribute to protect women from violence and punishing the offenders.

Target group
The project targets men, young women, women, young women, girls, in Hebron Governorate (Beit Ummar, Sa’ir, Halhul) and Bethlehem Governorate (Al-Khader, Battir, Beit Jala).


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