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Project Pioneers to Reduce the Women Honor Killing’s Phenomenon

 General Framework Implemented in partnership with the Palestinian universities and women clubs Hebron Governorate, funded by American Consulate.    Period of Time  5/2013 – 12/2013    Objectives  – Training and educating young women and raising their skill level, in their knowledge in the fields of women’s rights , gender, mechanisms of pressure and advocacy in order to enhance their community participation and break the barrier of fear and silence. – Monitoring the energies ...

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Project Institutionalize of Gender Unit in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Hebron City

General Framework Implemented in partnership with the General Union of Chambers and Industry and the Hebron Chamber of Commerce and Industry, funded by the German Society for International Cooperation GIZ within the Private Sector Development Program PSDP.  Period of Time  6/2013 – 12/2013   Objectives – Establish and develop the gender unit at the Chamber of Commerce and industry of Hebron in order to adopt policies and procedures ...

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Campaign demanding the approval of the amendments demanded by the National Committee in the Personal Status and Punishment Laws

General Framework The campaign Implemented within the project of General Union of Palestinian Women, in partnership with ADWAR Association, women’s institutions such as the Surif Association for Higher Education, Women’s Studies Center, Women’s Affairs Team, Women’s Center for Legal and Social Counseling , General Union of Palestinian Women, Union of Women’s Work Committees, and Aman Guidance Center. Period of Time ...

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Project Community movement for Bedouin women

General Framework Implemented in partnership with Bedouin and rural local councils, funded by Catholic Relief Services (CRS) within the framework of  strengthen the civil society participation program (CPP).   Period of Time  7/2013 – 12/2013    Objectives – Developing the knowledge and skill of young women and men in the most marginalized communities, in order to establish a youth body to advocate and pressure for Bedouin women and make social mobility to achieve women’s demands. – Pressure ...

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