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Project ADWAR Association Blog for gender issue awareness

General Framework Implemented in partnership with  Media network, funded by the France Consulate.    Period of Time  10/2015- 1/2016   Objectives . To improve knowledge and skills for 18 young women and men in preparing news, articles and   reporting about gender issue and publish it through blog. . To change the Palestine community culture about the tradition stereotype for women roles. . To create job opportunities ...

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Project Women advocate against the concept of Divorced women and their isolation from civic live

General Framework Implemented in partnership with Supreme Judicial Council, women’s organizations associations and Palestinian universities in various governorates of the West Bank, funded by Middle East Partnership Initiative MEPI.   Period of Time  8/2014 – 8/2015   Objectives – To enhance  divorced women in west bank about the, self-confidence esteem and the decision making skills in public ,civic life .In order to break their fears and silence to demand the ...

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Project Women Forum for Skills and talents to Support Business Procedures

General Framework Implemented in partnership with the Local Council for Technical ,Vocational, Employment and Training TVET in Hebron, the Ministry of Labor, various Palestinian companies, and related institutions,funded by GIZ.   Period of Time  3/2015 – 6/2015   Objectives – Raising the capabilities of young women graduates in various professional fields and establishing networking channels between graduates, the private sector and various organizations. – Providing women graduate employees with a high degree of qualification and ...

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Initiative the participatory budget with the municipalities in Hebron Governorate

General Framework Implemented in partnership with the Ministry of Local Government, the Municipal Development and Lending Fund, several targeted municipalities and civil society institutions, funded by Local Government and Civil Society Development Program, German cooperation GIZ. Period of Time 1/2015 – 3/2015 Objectives – Definition of the concept of participatory budget and its importance, in addition to gender sensitive budgets. ...

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Project Wool’s Toys and Gifts

 General Framework  The project implemented in partnership with women’s clubs and funded by humanitarian Aid.   Period of Time  1/2015 – 12/2015    Objectives – Develop the vocational skills of women who suffer from tough living conditions in non-traditional fields. – Improving women’s economic conditions by reducing poverty and unemployment and opening job opportunities for women. – Enhance women’s participation in economic activity in order to contribute to the progress domestic ...

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