Project “Fair Game – Empowering Young Women and Men”

Project “Fair Game – Empowering Young Women and Men”

General Framework
ADWAR Association implements the project “Fair Game – Empowering Young Women and Men” in partnership with Civil Society Organizations from Jordan, Morocco, Lebanon, Italy, Romania within ERASMUS-Youth program and funded by the European Union.

 Period of Time

. Enhancing equity, social cohesion and active citizenship through building the capacity of   civil society organizations to use theatre of oppressed methodology for a holistic approach   towards social inclusion process targeting especially youth from both genders.
. Contributing to adopt a comprehensive approach towards social integration, in addition   to developing the skills and competencies of young women and men at the local, regional   and international levels.

 Target Groups
The project targets Civil Society Organizations from Palestine, Jordan, Morocco, Lebanon, Italy, Romania, and vulnerable Youth from those countries from both genders.


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