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Economic program

Economic program

ADWAR association started working on economic program according to its field experience which proved that changing the women’s reality as well as the gender’s social relations for better can’t be accomplished by involving women only in the social field, and thus considered the roles of the work in this area through partnership relations with institutions of education and vocational training, where as ADWAR institution has partnership agreement with vocational training center of the Ministry of Labor as its license by the Ministry of Labor, this program focuses on economic issues and problems faced by women in its own family and society in general, which is represented in the following :
1) Lack of expertise and skills that qualify women to participate in the education of non-traditional occupations, which would enhance the participation in economic life.

2) Palestinian women suffer from difficult economic conditions in terms of depriving women of getting employed; therefore women have low rates of the total workforce.

3) The persistence of discrimination and inequality based on social gender in the Palestinian society, that discrimination against women in the labor sector is not only a violation of the natural human rights of women but also as human beings before everything, in addition to that, the work of women that is restricted in general within the context of the specific functionality, reflecting the more or less traditional negative view of society for women, which is confined to traditional business and educational service-professions, with the purpose of fitting the female nature. Even in areas in which women have higher ratio, men occupy higher ratio of higher ranks.

4) High rates of poverty and unemployment in rural areas, where people make living out of agriculture and livestock, that requires a major effort by all the members of the family and, in particular women, which drains time and effort in promoting the house economic cycle, by participating with men in routine work and cattle care and raising domestic animals doing so makes the concerns of women confined to do domestic and private house work without attention to Community Development and its role in addressing the general economic needs.
The strategies proposed in dealing with the issues of the economic program:

1. Enhancing the capacities and skills of women in dealing with different economic fields specially non-traditional ones, in order to enable them to benefit from the available resource as well as participating beside men in decision-making to increase their income, throughout educational and vocational training, which serves to increase the scientific and practical skills of women.

2. Full participation of women with men in all the economic developing activities, in order to keep the absolute participation wheel going.

3. Establishing the principle of economic justice in distributing resources within and outside the family to increase income and job opportunities, through the assistance of lending institutions in granting income-generating projects that will enable women to make decisions along with controlling her own project. Establishing the economic justice can be done through courses, workshops as well as income-generating projects.

4. To change the society’s attitude in general and men’s culture in particular about the importance of women’s productive role along with the repercussions of that role on the economic status of their families as well as the community, through seminars, lectures, conferences, workshops and campaigns.

5. To strengthen the work of the women’s institutions along with improving their services’ quality. Moreover to support those institutions with the needed programs and equipment’s, in order to set up income-generating projects to attract new members to the Association.

6. Further professional training for women, in order to enhance their role in the production process .Furthermore, making a positive change in the lives and concerns of the rural women as well as strengthen their role in the domestic economy cycle to encourage their participation in the production process as a result providing their families with sources of income.

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