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Social program

This program does not only concentrate on Palestinian women and girls, it also reaches the relationships between women and girls, and between men and boys. Moreover, this program gives attention to understanding the reasons behind giving women secondary and lower roles in the Palestinian society. Issues could be summarized as the following: – Gender-based violence, Lately the violence phenomenon against women and girls and lowering their status ...

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Economic Program

This program believes that it is not possible to work with women and girls only to improve the social situation in isolation from the development of their economic situation. Issues could be summarized as the following:  – Limited experience and skills, Women and girls suffer from the lack of expertise and skills that qualify them to participate in non-traditional technical and vocational education, which ...

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Political Program

The program aims to Promote for Palestinian women participation in both formal and informal sectors as well as holding highly political positions.  Issues could be summarized as the following:  – Discrimination against Palestinian women and girls in laws and legislation, Palestinian women and girls suffer from a limited awareness of national political issues, especially in the Palestinian conflict, Palestinian and international laws and political and ...

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