A listening session between  Men’s Alliance members

A listening session between Men’s Alliance members

Women and Young Women in Jericho
Today, Tuesday 12/13/2022, ADWAR Association in partnership with the Gender Forum in Local Government, and in honor of the 16-day campaign to combat violence against women, implemented a speaking and listening session, in the presence of a large number of men, women, and young women in Jericho, which aims to expand the channels of dialogue And listening and communication between women and men about the most important issues of gender and political participation in local governance, in addition to addressing the most important obstacles and challenges that prevent women from reaching political decision-making positions, the sessions also aim to empower men and young men about listening and understanding women’s concerns This activity comes as part of a project, we men are your allies in influencing and defending women’s rights, as this project is implemented with direct support from the Canadian Feminist Fund.


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