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Social program

This program does not only concentrate on Palestinian women and girls, it also reaches the relationships between women and girls, and between men and boys. Moreover, this program gives attention to understanding the reasons behind giving women secondary and lower roles in the society, practicing violence and discrimination against them, and weakening their own self-confidence in general. Therefore, this program focuses on the social issues and problems that face women and girls in their daily life with family and Palestinian society in general.

Issues could be summarized as the following:

  • Gender based violence: Lately the violence phenomenon against women and girls and lowering their status in the society has increased. In which violence against them practiced in various dangerous forms; physical, psychological, sexual, social, constitutional, women and young girls’ killings, committing suicide, cybercrime through social networks, depriving them of opportunities and services, and forcing them to marry at early age as well as depriving them from marital rights. These factors have weakened women and girls on the social level, living in a state of self-sufficiency and ideological assimilation and restricting their practices only in traditional and reproductive roles.
  • psychosocial issues:

Palestinian women and girls suffer from many disorders and psychological crises of depression and mental illness, which affected their self-confidence and the development of their psychological health. That is due to internal factors in the control of reactionary ideas and ideological extremism and external factors of political violence and attacks such as beatings, displacement, house demolitions, detention and raids, especially in marginalized areas.

  • Denial of resources and opportunities: Bedouin and village women and girls living in Bedouin and rural communities suffer from a severe denial of access to basic services, lack of access to gender-based practical needs of health, education, transportation, electricity, water, infrastructure, sanitation and environment services. This related to the classification of these communities as C areas, where they are under the control of the occupation and suffer from the lack of the Palestinian state institutions’ to provide them with the services they need.
  • Educational problems at schools and kindergartens: These problems are presented in stereotyped roles of women and girls in the curriculums, in addition to practiced school violence against girls, and depriving women of education due to political circumstances and the lack of appropriate and healthy educational environment especially for Bedouin and rural girls who live in priority areas. In addition to the social culture, which prevents girls from continuing their education, which led to a high school withdrawal rate and early marriage.
  • Limited access to social participation among women and girls: Degradation in the level of women participation in the community in comparison to men, which affects the level of raising their voice and presenting their social strategic issues and needs to officials and representatives in the Palestinian community.

Model strategies and practical measures proposed to deal with the social issues raised in the social program:


  1. First Strategy: Palestinian women and girls’ rights’ protection from violence: ADWAR takes several procedures to reduce gender-based violence and all its’ forms of discrimination against women and girls represented in raising their awareness individually and as groups regarding the importance of their rights ratified by human rights conventions and CEDAW. In addition to presenting legal aid especially for Bedouin and rural women and girls who live in C areas. As well as persons with disabilities, vulnerable and less fortunate categories, and women whom head their families due to divorce, souse death, or separation. This strategy can be achieved through training programs, exchanging experiences, lectures, courses, conferences, workshops, and media awareness episodes.
  2. Second Strategy: Legal Protection: ADWAR Association takes many procedural measures to assist and protect the rights of abused women and girls as a right acquired in accordance with the Palestinian Basic Law. This strategy achieves its objectives through legal consultation and representation in the courts of all kinds. Also, contribution to limitation of legal and social discrimination against women and girls in all fields through the provision of legal representation, counseling, awareness, protection and transfer services.
  3. Third Strategy: Psychosocial Support: ADWAR takes many procedural measures by developing women’s and girls’ self-confidence and improving their mental and social health. The strategy achieves its objectives by providing individual and group counseling services, group therapy and recreational facilities as well as home and field visits.
  4. Fourth Strategy: Empowering Access to Resources and Opportunities: ADWAR Association takes several procedural measures to empower women and girls from access to resources and opportunities such as health, education, social services, economic opportunities, infrastructure services, environmental resources’ improvement, and sanitation. The strategy achieves its objectives by empowering women and girls with the tools that contribute to improving services such as providing referral system, as well as dialogue and accountability sessions with officials.
  5. Fifth Strategy: The educational environment and instructional systems:

ADWAR is taking many procedural measures that contribute improving the educational environment of schools and kindergartens by working to amend the curriculum and bringing to light the non- stereotypical roles of women and girls.

In addition to the reduction of school violence and providing all the possibilities which contribute to the development of schools and kindergartens and improve the work with parents and staff in order to prevent school dropout and early marriage. This strategy can be accomplished by implementing various activities and programs.

  1. Sixth Strategy: Community Awareness: ADWAR is taking many procedural measures that enhances the social participation of women and girls by affording them with the required knowledge, means and resources that facilitate highlighting their practical and strategic gender-based needs. In addition to empowering them in making decisions at the community and family level. This requires involvement and empowerment of decision makers whom support women’s rights and participation in community, and changing their views about the traditional roles of women and raising the awareness about their leading roles, in addition to giving women and girls the possibility to lead community and environmental initiatives that contribute to activating their community role. Such as media awareness episodes, conferences, and community initiatives.


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