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This program is not only addressed for women but also for relations between men and women, and to recognize the reasons behind the secondary and lower roles in the society only for women, comparing with men. Furthermore, to find out the reasons behind violence against women and weaken their self and personal esteem in general.
So, this program focuses on social cases and problems that faced by women in family and society in general, which is represented in these scopes:
1. Individuals weaknesses and collective social empowerment levels for women, in addition to the decrease in the self-esteem of the women from Hebron as well as their roles in decision making inside the family.
2. The Increasing social phenomenon’s which abused women, also underestimates them and their positions. Therefore, violence against women is a dangerous issue especially women killing.
3. The decrease in the level of women participation compared to men, in terms of raising her voice and presenting her practical and strategic social needs in front of officials.

The strategies proposed in dealing with the issues of the social program:
1. Building a capable Palestinian women, especially women from Hebron city by increasing their self-confidence and improving their personality, in order to enable women to use the tools that will protect them from violence, consequently they can play an effective role on the level of decision-making in their families throughout individual and collective social guidance
2. Reduce the violence phenomenon by eliminating all forms of discrimination against women by working with various parties to reduce it, in addition to sensitizing the society and institutions about the importance of respecting women as one of their natural rights, particularly women with special needs in the marginalized areas through lectures, seminars, and courses, workshops, conferences and media outreach seminars.
3. Strengthen the social participation of women by enabling them to highlight their practical and strategic needs based on gender, moreover enabling women to take decisions in the society by involving decision maker from men, advocates and supporters of women’s rights and social participation. Moreover Changing men’s perception about the traditional roles of women and sensitizing men about the leading roles that women could play through lectures, seminars, courses, workshops, conferences and media outreach seminars.

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