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The Training Course entitled , CNC Computerized Digital Control Skills

Role for Social Change Association-ADWAR in partnership with the Ministry of Labor’s Multipurpose Vocational Training Center in Halhoul implemented a training course entitled “CNC Computerized Digital Control Skills”, which is funded by the Belgian Development Agency. In the presence of many young women whom willing to participate in the program and other women In general. The General Director of ADWAR ...

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dolls and gifts Project

  • if you are interested in buying any of our products, kindly point out the product’s number and contact us on ADWAR Association email:  in order to deliver them to you.  Products are available in four sizes : XS -very small/ S-small/ M-medium/ L-large  

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Social Counselling

Psycho-social Support for Jeb Al- Theeb School Students

Sunday: 1-10-2017. Jeb AL-Theeb elementary school- Bethlehem-Beit Ta’mar Roles for social Change Association-ADWAR in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Colonization and Wall Resistance Commission provided psycho social support for Jeb Al- Theeb school students through different games and activities which play a role in decreasing discrimination and gender-based violence. In addition to decreasing the psychological and social effects ...

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